Welcome to a Taste of Tonga.

We are a supplier of single origin Tongan produce. Our growers use sustainable and traditional organic methods of farming and harvesting the coconuts. Some of our coconuts are so environmentally friendly that they even travel to the factory by horseback rather than fossil fuel transport.

Our role in this partnership is to co-ordinate and control the processing of the coconuts so as to maintain quality, food safety standards and provide the link between the traditional grower and the international markets.


Coming from a pure environment, our Virgin Coconut Oil is naturally pure. We keep all processing and human handling to an absolute minimum so we may be sure to deliver to you the highest quality Virgin  Coconut Oil possible.

The reason we chose the isolated and largely undeveloped island group of Vava’u as the location for our business is simple, Vava’u is unspoilt, beautiful and has clean air and clean water. With a goal to produce the purest products, we needed to start with a pure environment.

In Vava’u, we work with traditional Tongan growers who use traditional organic methods to produce a quality produce. Our aim is to introduce you to a small range of high quality boutique products from Vava’u, one of the cleanest environments in the world.