Our Process

Taste of Tonga Virgin Coconut Oil is produced through Cold Processed and No Heat Added (NHA) methods. The entire process from picking, processing, filtering testing and packaging is controlled to maintain and optimize the nutritious benefit of the oil. This makes Taste of Tonga Premium Virgin Coconut Oil both pure and healthy.


Taste of Tonga processing steps

  • Select only fresh and mature coconuts
  • Wash the coconut to remove any unwanted organisms living in the husk.
  • Split the coconut and grate it immediately to remove the white flesh.
  • Press the grated coconut flesh in a hand operated oil press
  • Collect coconut milk and add filtered rain water
  • Store the mix in food grade 20 litre food grade pails at room temperature.
  • After the oil has separated, skim off the upper layer of cake and expose the oil.
  • Decant and filter the oil into 10 litre food grade pails
  • Allow the oil to cure
  • Scientifically test for water content, our equipment can test down to 0.001% (10 PPM) water. We only bottle our oil once we achieve 0.15% water or less.
  • Proceed to final filtering through a gravity fed no pressure fully enclosed filter system. First stage is a 5 micron filter followed by a 1 micron second stage filter.
  • Finally, bottling, labeling and packaging